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‘Snowpiercer’ Might Be The Worst Film I’ve Ever Seen

The hype and high ratings for this film were quite surprising after watching. Snowpiercer currently holds an impressive rating on both IMDB and Netflix, which is why I watched it. There were things I liked about the film, and I think potential was there, but there were so many parts that ruined it. I can’t forgive and forget the awfulness in favor of the few good points.

Spoiler Warning Inside

Snowpiercer takes place in the future, the world has frozen over and the remaining people are bound to a train that goes around the world, making one lap per year. They have been for 17 years. The back of the train is full of the lowest and poorest people. They are unable to go anywhere else on the train, which has such grand things like an orgy nightclub, aquarium/sushi bar, school, three inch deep swimming pools, and a dentist, among other things. Chris Evans plays the hero of the group, organizing an escape to the front of the train in order to fix what the back has to deal with.


The set designs in this film are stellar and really well crafted. The look and feel of the film is realistic and I enjoyed that aspect. There are a lot of great action scenes and well-choreographed fight sequences, which are hindered by a lot of random slow motion. I also found the idea of the train not thoroughly thought out. The group walks through car after car. All being different amenities for the upper class. They walk straight through each to get to the next. What doesn’t make sense to me, is how exactly this works to the benefit of the passengers. In theory, the children would have to walk through a drug and alcohol induced orgy nightclub in order to get to school? Something our heroes have to do.


The whole point of this film is also completely ruined at the end. Chris Evans and the other low class citizens fight their way through the train in order to save everyone in the back. Midway through someone discovers that the snow and ice is melting, meaning they could possibly live outside now. The whole point is to save people, to regain a normal civilization. But what happens? They use an explosive to open a door, the entire train derails and explodes. Only two people survive. A teenager and a little kid. So in order to “save” everyone, everyone ends up dying. The two people who survive are in no way capable of repopulating the earth any time soon. They also have no food, water, real supplies or shelter except for the twisted metal of the train.


I think this film had potential but it was completely ruined. The higher class people weren’t bad people, they deserved whatever right they had to a comfy existence, but they’re now dead. Chris Evans beats up a ton of people, gets his arm sliced off, all in order to save his friends, who all end up dead. It’s very easy for me to say this was the worst film I’ve ever seen. No satisfaction at all. Nothing that memorable. Something disappointing for a film with such an amazingly talented cast.

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