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Film Analysis with Ryan Hollinger

It’s no secret that I love YouTube and have for quite some time. The platform is such a wonderful way to find inspiration, education and sometimes, just fun stuff. My spectrum of subscriptions ranges from beauty gurus to interior designers, even a fashion vlogger or three, but my obvious favorites are film-related channels.

You can easily get lost in the search results for film discussions and theories. There are so many big creators churning out videos every week, but also a lot of smaller channels from passionate fans. There is one, however, I came across last year that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying video after video. That is Ryan Hollinger, a film enthusiast out of Northern Ireland who produces quality, thought-provoking – and fun – film analysis.

Hollinger created his channel over a decade ago. Back then it was all about gaming, but then several years ago he began diving into something new with film reviews here and there. When I discovered his channel, he had pretty much changed his format into in-depth discussions on film theories, themes, and hidden meanings.

He speaks to things as a true fan of film and filmmaking. His videos go beyond the surface, of even the most simplistic films, to uncover deeper thematics. Many of his film subjects are horror movies, in which he could persuade even the most anti scary movie person into giving the genre a shot.

The guy knows his stuff and it’s a joy to watch. His reviews are captivating and he’ll leave you thinking about the subject matter even after his video concludes. What I especially find entertaining, is when he highlights films that may have had a negative general consensus, and reexamines it – leading you to view it in a new light.

There is such great film examination in it that goes beyond criticism, instead unmasking a films true meaning and artistry. He even makes you feel better about films you may have felt guilty pleasure in watching. An example being 2002’s Scooby Doo (I liked it – don’t judge me). I highly recommend giving his channel a viewing and a click to his Subscribe button.

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