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Jordy developed a passion for film at a very young age. Like most kids, it started with the magic of Disney films, then grew to an obsession with film-making in general. That affection for film translated into many embarassing short films she forced her friends to make when they were kids. Mainly found-footage horror films – clearly ahead of her time. And no, you’ll never see them. Eventually she pursued Film & Media in college, which included an internship on a low-budget horror film.

With a love of the kooky and creepy, films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins slowly developed her future respect for the horror genre – once she worked up enough courage to actually watch them. Since then, it has been a nonstop marathon of horror genre films. Which is what you’ll find mostly reviewed on this site.

Fear not if that’s not your thing. You’ll find lots of reviews for things outside of those films, including some television shows along the way.

Today, Jordy resides in Chicago, attending screenings for new releases and letting you know what her thoughts are. All reviews are spoiler-free unless otherwise stated.

For inquiries and opportunities, please email jordyreviewsit@gmail.com

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