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February 2023

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Scream VI Spoiler Discussion

February 2023

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Knock at the Cabin Review

January 2023

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Scream VI Trailer Reaction

January 2023

Official Co-Host of Cinemania World Nightmares (Podcast)


October 2022

Cinemania World (Podcast) – More Marvel Horror on the Way After Werewolf By Night?

March 2022

SXSW Press (Film Festival)

February 2022

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Review

January 2022

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Scream (2022) Review


November 2021

Rachel’s Reviews (Podcast) – Female Film Critics Speak Out

November 2021

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Scream (2022) Trailer Reaction

August 2021

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Reaction

July 2021

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Old Review

June 2021

Cinemania World (Podcast) – Black Widow Review

March 2021

SXSW Online Press (Film Festival)


October 2020

NIGHTSTREAM Press (Film Festival)

June 2020

Rotten Tomatoes Certified

March 2020

SXSW Press (Film Festival) festival cancelled


March 2019

SXSW Press (Film Festival)


November 2017

The Screamcast (Podcast) – The Spider Chases The Fox With The Velvet Tail