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I May Be Late To The Party, But I’m Totally Digging These 3 Showtime Shows

I only ever had Showtime for one year, during the final season of Dexter. Other than Dexter, I had never watched any program on the network. I had heard great things about many of their shows. So when I got it this year I knew my life was over and the binge-watching would commence. So here are the three shows that have had me hooked since episode one:

The Affair


This show premiered late last year with an intriguing take on a possibly boring plot. Two people, Noah and Alison meet. Both at very different stages of marriage. Noah is seemingly happy with his wife and kids, and Allison is struggling to keep her marriage together after the death of their son. Each episode features the same day in both of their perspectives. The attention to detail is great. When we are in the Noah’s PoV, Alison is coming onto him, her dress is short and she is very seductive. When we switch to her, we see that he is overly flirtatious and she remains shy.

An interesting twist to the show is that both Noah and Allison are seen or heard at times being interrogated. For what? I haven’t gotten to that point yet. But something tells me this Golden Globe winning show will not disappoint.

Masters of Sex

masters of sex 660 ap

Set in the 50’s & 60’s, this series shows the true story of William Masters, a pioneer in human sexuality research. The show explores his relationship with his assistant Virginia Johnson and their many controversial studies. It’s a very interesting show to see how human sexuality was perceived at that time. The series dives into some important topics of sexism, same-sex relationships, relationship dynamics and just how prudish the medical community was.

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful

Anyone who knows me knows I love horror. Which is why it is no surprise that I absolutely love this show. It’s creepy and fresh with a hint of familiarity. Many famous creatures from literature make appearances in this show. So far in my time watching it we have met Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. It’s gory, spooky and wonderfully done. Although I haven’t gotten too far into it, I’m hooked.

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