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Your Horror Guide | 2016

Here is your guide to all things horror in 2016…

The Conjuring 2

June 10

My Review: ‘The Conjuring 2’ Delivers Lots Of Scares & Ghouls

If you enjoyed The Conjuring or it’s sister-film Annabelle, you’ll be excited to see the same creative team back for another case with Ed and Lorraine Warren. The trailer promises plenty of scares and if you’ve had the opportunity to experience the VR trailer, well let’s say it won’t be easy to sleep after seeing this.


June 17

After putting on an old clown suit for his sons birthday, a man comes to find that the suit has a more sinister history as he begins to become the clown. Very reminiscent of a Goosebumps book but surely a more adult and terrifying version.

The Purge: Election Year

July 4

My Review: ‘The Purge: Election Year’ Is A Political Nightmare

Taking place a couple years after the second film, we see Leo Barnes (from the 2nd film) now protecting a Senator who hopes to end The Purge. After being the sole survivor of her own families murder during a purge, she is the main target for those who wish to continue the deadly holiday. This is perhaps the last film of the series.

Lights Out

July 22

My Review: ‘Lights Out’ Will Make You Afraid Of The Dark

James Wan of The Conjuring team is once again bringing a terrifying film to theaters based on a short film from 2013. This is actually directed by the same man as the short, David F. Sandberg. The film plays off everyones childhood fear or the dark, but perhaps there’s a reason to hold onto that fear into adulthood.

Don’t Breathe

August 26

My Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’ Is A Twisted, Heart-pounding Thriller

Thinking they could easily rob a blind man, a group of troublemakers soon realize their victim isn’t completely defenseless. They must find their way out of his locked home in the dark and unable to make the smallest of sounds.

Before I Wake

September 9

After adopting a young boy, a couple realizes his dreams manifest which seems magical at first. But dreams aren’t the only things that can manifest and they soon realize his nightmares are coming true as well.

The Disappointments Room

September 9

My Review: ‘The Disappointments Room’ Title is Too Accurate

Kate Beckinsale stars as a woman who moves to a rural home with her husband and young son. She discovers a secret room and unleashes something terrifying from behind its door. A standard ghost story one would suppose, but perhaps something more.

Blair Witch

September 16

My Review: ‘Blair Witch’ Is A Frightening Sequel That Proves It’s Worth The Wait

Surprise! Horror fans attending a San Diego Comic Con screening of a film called The Woods were shocked to find the Lionsgate film is actually Blair Witch, the next installment of the 1999 film that scared the pants off everyone. I remember seeing the trailer for The Woods and thought it looked interesting. Knowing now what it truly is, my excitement has now tripled.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

October 21

My Review: ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’: A Prequel That Would Terrify It’s Predecessor

The sequel to the 2014 film, we are taken back to 1965 Los Angeles where a mother and her daughters scam individuals into believing they are communicating with the dead. However their games end up calling upon an evil entity that possesses the youngest. While the first film wasn’t great, this is sure to be a generic jump scare film that could be fun.

The Monster

November 11

My Review: ‘The Monster’ Succeeds In Drama But Struggles In Horror

After breaking down in the middle of nowhere, a young mother and her daughter are left to defend themselves against a terrifying creature. Written and directed by Bryan Bertino (The Strangers).


December 2

A unique approach into exorcising demons, this film finds a scientist entering the subconscious mind of a possessed young boy in order to save him from a powerful entity. It will be quite interesting to see a exorcism film that focuses on science rather than religion.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

My Review: ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’ Is A Spine-Chilling Horror Mystery From Start to Finish

A father/son coroner duo attempt to figure out the cause of death of a young Jane Doe. As their examination furthers, increasingly bizarre things begin to happen.


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