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Twitter Horror Story ‘Dear David’

Twitter may be useful for a whole slew of things, promoting your work, passively tweeting about daily annoyances, or catching up on the latest trending topics. One thing it would be least likely to host is a terrifying ghost story. But that’s exactly what happened in August of 2017, when Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) tweeted:

What would transpire was a months long ordeal that Adam shared. Uploading photos and videos to document the torment he was facing. Supposedly of a dead child he had dreamt about, that would soon haunt him in real life. The story and evidence, so scary and compelling, it had Twitter obsessed for nearly seven months.

It all began when Adam had a disturbing dream where he saw the disfigured child, sitting in a chair near his bed. In his dream, he was suffering from sleep paralysis, something he’s had in real-life as well. As the child began to approach him, he woke up.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.36.34 AM.png
Adam’s illustration of what the child looked like

He had another dream days later, where a girl asked him about seeing Dear David. She informed him that he’s dead and you can only ask him two questions if you say “Dear David” first. When David visited Adam in his sleep another night, he decided to ask him questions:

His mistake, however, was he followed up his two questions with a third, asking David who had pushed the shelf. He broke the rules. After that night, Adam would be hounded by supernatural occurrences in his apartment. He would hear strange noises, his cats began acting bizarrely, things would move on their own in his place, and even catching David on camera.

There is an incredible amount of evidence captured by Adam throughout his ordeal. Now, people have their suspicions and hesitation to believe in things like this. Especially that someone could get such clear proof of a supernatural being. But regardless if you believe in it or not, there’s no denying it’s a crazy interesting piece of work. It’s compelling, haunting, and will have you hooked.

Unfortunately, Adam went fairly silent on Twitter in the beginning of the year, with no David updates since February. However, the writer is quite busy helping with a feature film version of Dear David. Which either confirms those who thought it was a hoax, or solidifying that “Based on a True Story” films are still all the rage.

You can read the entire tale of Dear David here.

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