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Things I Need In The Final Season Of SUPERNATURAL

It’s been a month since Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins announced the series would end with its upcoming 15th season. Those who know me, know this is a show I have been beyond obsessed with since day one. While I’ve had some less than complimentary thoughts on some things in its later years, I’ve always remained a loyal fan of the overall story, the characters, and the passionate community behind it.

Truthfully, I didn’t think the show would ever come to an end – after all, it is the longest-running American live-action fantasy TV series ever. It’s also the CW’s highest-rated show, and with a never-ending list of myths to fill storylines, it seemed poised to run until a real apocalypse stopped it. But all good things come to an end, I suppose. And while I’m still processing that this family I’ve known for half my life – literally – will be bidding farewell, there is so much I can be thankful for and continue to enjoy for years and years.

With season 14 airing its finale just last week, I’m left wondering what will come this Fall when the show returns for its true swan song. It’ll surely be a kick ass final season, but there are definitely some things I’d like to see before I say goodbye. Here is my list of what I need to see in Supernatural‘s last 20 episodes.

A Winchester Mystery House Episode

I have been dying to see the Winchester brothers explore the infamous San Diego Mystery House in the show. The brothers have referenced their namesake many times (“like the rifle”) and it would be so fun to have them come face to face with Sarah Winchester herself, or any number of other ghouls inside. Also, imagine the insane set pieces they could create and the mind-bending tricks they could use throughout. It’s a #1 must for me before the series concludes.

Some Great Creatures

Season 1, Episode 11

I swear I love this show with all my heart, but I’ve not hid the fact that the character designs of its monsters have lacked from time to time, in the later portion of its run. So I would love to see some more original creature designs and to get back to its old school feel of practical effects. I wouldn’t even mind seeing some previously used creatures from seasons one to four, so long as the designs and effects are the same.

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No Big Season Arc


Like most shows of the supernatural variety, this series has really favored some big season arcs, that change almost every year. There was the great Yellow Eyed Demon who kicked it all off, and others like Lilith, Lucifer himself, and a number of more forgetful ones. The later seasons seemed to spend/waste a lot of episodes on these storylines. So it would be great if there were no distractions by having a random season-long arc with a no-name, unscary beast (*cough* Eve *cough*) for the final season.

Back to Basics


Playing off of my “No Big Season Arc” wish, I would definitely love to see the boys back on the road, hitting up monsters-of-the-week, and getting back to the basics. We’ve been dealing with heavy angel-centric stories since season four, which only increased as time went on. I’d love to put that aside and just relive the simpler times Sam and Dean had in the Impala.

A Happy Ending


Alright, I’m really going to need Sam and Dean to be okie-dokie in the last episode. I don’t want one to die, leaving the other to tragically live on without his brother. We’ve had Winchester’s die at the end of seasons, and be brought back in the next. Except this time, we don’t get that. So let’s just leave it happy, okay?!

A Nostalgic Final Scene


There’s this great shot in the pilot episode, after Sam discovers his girlfriend Jess has died, where he is standing at the back of the Impala with Dean. As he goes to close the trunk, he says, “We’ve got work to do”. It’s a great scene, a moment of badassery, and a life altering moment for the characters. We see it again in the season two finale, but the iconic moment hasn’t happened again. I want to see that open ended completion of the series, with that same scene. So we are left knowing the Winchesters are still out there, saving people, and hunting things.

Let me know something you’re wishing for in the final season of Supernatural in the comments below!

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