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SLASHER – Anthology Horror Weekend

I hope you’ve been enjoying some spooky binge-watching this weekend. If you haven’t seen the previous two posts for this series, make sure to check them out, here and here. The final entry to my Anthology Horror Weekend is the more mature of the bunch, a series called Slasher.

The show is a Canadian production, having premiered back in March of 2016, then acquired by Netflix. In total, it has three seasons, with every installment changing the killer and story, fitting the typical “slasher” concept – hence the name. It’s a unique premise, especially when compared to the other two series I highlighted this weekend; focused on season-long arcs, instead of by each episode.

The first season features “The Executioner”, a masked figure who goes on a murderous rampage in a small town. Back in 1988, on Halloween night, a young couple, expecting their first child, are brutally murdered inside their home. The killer, wearing an Executioner’s costume, is arrested and locked up for good.

Decades later, we meet Sarah and her husband Dylan. She was the baby from the 1988 murders, having survived and now returning to her hometown. Soon after arriving, the community is plagued with a series of new murders, seemingly a copycat “Executioner”. The killings expose the dark secrets of the townspeople and Sarah must confront her parents killer to unmask who this copycat could be.

Now, I’ve only completed the first season, so I can’t speak towards the other two, or how maybe the acquisition by Netflix changed anything. For the most part, I enjoyed the season, though I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorites. It kept me intrigued and certainly keeps you guessing the whole way through, though it dragged a bit at times.

The acting isn’t great across the board (the lead trying to hide her Irish accent was killing me), and some of the kills are absolutely ridiculous, but it sort of gave me underrated 90s slasher film vibes. I also really liked some of its subtle nods to classic slashers, like a scene that pays homage to the original Halloween. So those are fun to sort out while watching.

I’ll say give it a shot if you’re on the hunt for something. With only eight-episodes per season, it’s a fairly quick watch. If you do check it out, or have previously, let me know what you thought!


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