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THE INVITATION: A Slow-Burn With a Horrifying Twist

The Invitation is a film I’ve mentioned several times on the site before, but I think about it so often that it needed to have its separate moment. Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Tammy Blanchard, and Michiel Huisman, the film is an enthralling low-budget horror-thriller that packs a very powerful punch. And without question, something to add to your list this October.

Two years after Will (Marshall-Green) and his ex-wife Eden (Blanchard) divorced, shortly after the death of their son, she is remarried to a man named David (Huisman). The two met in a support group and have decided to host a dinner party with friends of hers that she hasn’t seen in years. Will finds himself invited and brings his new girlfriend Kira along.

While awkward at first, he notices Eden seems extremely happy. As the party kicks off, he meets two peculiar new friends of hers. They begin to speak about their ideologies regarding life and death, which causes Will to become weary of these new characters. While his worries are dismissed, he can’t shake the strange feeling he has.

The first hour of the film is very slow-paced — for a reason. There is a wonderful build of subtle tension, which is one of its best qualities. As an audience member, you empathize with Will’s paranoia because you sense that same unease he does. It keeps you questioning everything with the enigmatic performances, even so much as where the camera lingers; everything is so intentional. With pieces to discover throughout, you’ll have to wait to see what exactly is transpiring.


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