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THE WALKING DEAD Causes Us All To Question What We Saw

Perhaps we can blame those who said previous seasons ran slow, but this season of The Walking Dead has proven to be a bloodbath. Although the season opener was stressful, it was hardly shocking in terms of what our core group members had to go through. Skip to the next episode where Alexandria basically gets slaughtered by the Wolves, but it’s mostly at the expense of “Alexandrian #3” or “Tall Guy Who Never Had A Line”. This week ended on possibly the saddest note for fans of both the comics and series alone.

Obvious SPOILERS inside.

This episode was intense. Michonne and Glenn are trapped inside a pet store with several Alexandrian’s after running from a herd of walkers. They figure the best way to distract the walkers is to set a building on fire, draw them to that. Nicholas offers to take Glenn to a feed store nearby that will surely go up in flames.

When they arrive to the store, it’s already burnt to a crisp and they are surrounded by walkers. They run into an alley and are unable to escape. They hop onto a dumpster and Nicholas, who has been riddled with guilt and stress all day, knows there is no way out. He looks at Glenn, thanks him for forgiving him for all the times he messed up and shoots himself.

Nicholas’ body falls onto Glenn and they both fall into the pit of walkers below. We see Glenn cry in agonizing pain as it appears walkers are pulling him apart. But are they really?


A lot of fans expected Glenn to die this season. Due in part to his demise in the comic and something fans have been bracing themselves for, even during last season. But after Maggie has experienced loss after loss, surely Glenn wouldn’t get killed off too. Right?

glennFans noticed that Nicholas’ body was technically falling on top of Glenn, so it could perhaps be Nic who’s getting shredded. We also were given absolutely zero closure in the episode of Talking Dead that aired right after it. Typically actors who just died on the show will be the special guest on the couch. Steven Yeun was not there. Host Chris Hardwick also pointed out that Glenn was not in the “In Memoriam” section of the show.

Another extremely vague quote was given by show-runner Scott M. Gimple

In some way we will see Glenn — some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn — again. Either in flashback or the current story to help complete the story.

Is Glenn alive? Will he be a walker? What the heck!?

Next weeks episode will be 90 minute one so here’s to hoping someone saves Glenn and we can be happy for one second of this show.

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