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MAKING A MURDERER Is A Crazy Real-Life Thriller

If you’ve happened to escape the ever-growing mentions of a new Netflix docu-series, be warned that this insanely addictive 10-part series will completely mess with your head and anger you in the process. Making a Murderer has already captured a huge audience, which is only getting bigger as word spreads. Over the holidays, its seemed even more people have been sucked into this whodunnit of sorts.

On December 18th, Netflix made a 10-part docu-series available for streaming. The series has been likened to that of the podcast Serial, even being praised as “better than”. What has everyone so invested in a story that’s seemingly come out of nowhere? Well it’s a tale of murder, crooked cops, and the possibility that an innocent man has been framed.

Steven Avery is the center of this mystery. A sort of peasant in the community of Manitowoc, WI. whom spent 18 years in prison for an assault he did not commit. After a deeper look, it was discovered that the detectives and sheriff involved in the initial arrest didn’t do their job properly. They targeted Avery and didn’t care if they got the right guy, just this guy.

Once out, Avery began a suit against the county that could award him $36 million in damages. This was quite the controversy in the town. Then, after two years of being a free man, Avery is arrested again. This time as the suspect to a murder of a young woman. But did he do it?


This show is a serious roller coaster. It is the perfect example of a binge-watchable series. Every episode is shocking, frightening, and mind-boggling. Did this man get framed for a murder by cops? All I know is this series has me invested, along with a ton of others.

People are already scrambling for a theatrical version of this story. It truly is so insane that it seems like it could only exist in a movie. I don’t even think a film version of this could do it justice. The amount of twists and turns this case has taken couldn’t be cut down to a couple hours. The 10 hours you’ll spend watching this series leaves you wanting even more.

Have you started watching Making a Murderer yet? What are your thoughts?

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