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The Heartbreaking Mystery of THE KEEPERS

After Netflix entranced the majority of their viewers with the mystery of Making a Murderer, it was apparent there was an insatiable appetite for true crime investigative docu-series. The latest shocking case to be featured is that of Sister Cathy Cesnik, an English teacher at a Baltimore all-girls school. The Keepers tells the story of Sister Cathy, who disappeared in 1969, only to be found dead months later. A crime that remains unsolved today.


Sister Cathy Cesnik was just 26-years-old when she disappeared in November of 1969. She was a beloved teacher at an all-girls public school in Baltimore. A school where criminal activity at the hands of two priests happened behind its wholesome appearance. The two removing girls from class to sexually molest and rape them in their offices. Sometimes inviting others to join, including local police officers.

Mere days after the disappearance of Cesnik, another young woman by the name of Joyce Malecki, was abducted in the same area while out shopping. Both woman would later be found as clear victims of foul play. However, both cases have never been solved and no suspects were ever uncovered. It has long been rumored that Cesnik was very much aware of the horrific treatment of many students at her school and the people who were involved. Which has made those in the town suspicious of a possible cover-up at the hands of authorities, to protect their own.


What makes this story, and ones similar like Making a Murderer, is the sheer unbelievability. Had this been a tale of fiction, you as a viewer could easily point out its flaws. Pull apart where its overdone and how unrealistic it all seems. But this is reality. To understand the depths to which a town could go to save a ring of pedophiles and to have a kind person lay victim to their power. It’s all too insane to imagine. It’s a heartbreaking story where two innocent women lost their lives and countless other young girls bare the trauma of sexual abuse.

It is only with the conviction of former students and friends of Cathy Cesnik, that her murder is still being discussed, almost 50 years later. The Netflix docu-series uncovers the horrifying abuse of girls at the school, as well as the poor investigative work following Cesnik and Malecki’s deaths. The theories are strong but you’ll sadly be left wondering, who killed Sister Cathy?


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