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BABY DRIVER: Nonstop Comedic Thrill Ride

To repay a debt, a young man must play the part of a getaway driver for a theft ringleader and his gang of criminals. Relying on his music to aid in his misadventures. While he sees his illegal career coming to an end soon, his boss has other plans. Written and directed by Edgar Wright, best known for his Three Flavours Cornetto trilogyBaby Driver is a nonstop ride from start to finish, that’s equal parts hilarious as it is thrilling.


As a child, Baby (Ansel Elgort) lost both his parents in a terrible car accident that left him with a permanent ring in both ears. He developed a strong passion for music as a way to drown out the hum, living his life to a soundtrack he has created. While getting into a bit of trouble in his early years, he caught the attention of Doc (Kevin Spacey), who’s the mastermind behind robberies in the Atlanta area. With a debt owed to Doc, Baby becomes his getaway driver for his revolving door of thieves.

He’s great at what he does, but he has what the others don’t, which is a conscience. A life of crime is obviously not for him. With an end in sight for Baby, he falls for a waitress named Debora (Lily James), who shares the same love for music as he does. As their budding romance blossoms, the looming threat of Doc and his crew hangs over Baby as he’s drawn in for one more, and hopefully final, job.


Starting off without missing a beat, Baby Driver instantly throws you into the action of an intense robbery. The film is filled with so many amazing action sequences and insane stunt driving, which keeps the audiences engaged and on the edge of their seat the whole time. It’s a movie made for the big screen and one that leaves you with a rush. And while it certainly feeds that desire for fast-paced action, don’t be fooled into thinking this flick is just one dimensional.

The humor is top notch throughout, not surprising for Wright, who has crafted some of the best comedies, including one of my personal favorites, Shaun of the Dead. Perfectly blending wit into a film with some serious themes, in a way that doesn’t feel cheap nor turns everything into a punchline. Some of that humor coming from Baby’s relationship with his elderly and deaf foster dad. Which brought an entire other level of heart to the movie.


Rounding out the film are Jon Hamm, Jamie FoxxJon Bernthal and Eiza González. While the cast undoubtedly delivers great performances, and Wright’s screenplay is a masterpiece, it is the soundtrack that will stick with you. One that could rival Guardians of the Galaxy in how it’s a character on its own. Breathing a totally different life to the film. Elgort essentially costars with the musical tracks and his charisma shines through each scene. It’s one of the best aspects to the entire film.

Honestly, it’s impossible to find flaws within this movie as it so perfectly delivers in all facets. The thrills and laughs never cease and it’s no wonder the film has been the most buzzed about throughout the film festival season. Which saw its release date bumped from August to June, placing it right in that summer movie peak spot. It’s a film that is so easily enjoyable for everyone and one of the best of the year.


You can catch Baby Driver in theaters on June 28.

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