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DON’T KNOCK TWICE Fails to Actually Frighten You

An urban legend proves true after a young girl and her friend unleash something otherworldly. All while dealing with her estranged mother coming back into the picture. Don’t Knock Twice has a promising premise, but it fails to deliver the scares or draw in the viewer.


Chloe (Lucy Boynton) is surprised to find her estranged mother trying to reconnect. The two have a troubled past which ended with Chloe in a foster home. Her mother Jess (Katee Sackhoff) asks if Chloe would like to come stay with her and her husband, but Chloe refuses. Later that night, Chloe unwinds with a friend and the two end up on a lot, vacant of everything but an old house. The house is said to be the home of a terrifying witch.

While the legend is something they scoff at, her friend decides to knock on the witches door. They will soon discover they’ve made a terrible mistake, as the tale of the witch becomes very real. As Chloe is plagued with supernatural occurrences, she reaches out to her mother as a means of support. Not knowing she’s placed both of them in the witches path.


Though I enjoyed the witchy legend used in the film, I couldn’t get past its lack of real fear. While character actor Javier Botet does his usual spectacular job of delivering a creepy character, the scares were missing. Its pacing seemed skewed, and dare I say, boring.

On the surface level, this film works, but it definitely has flaws to balance out any positives. Truthfully, I think its biggest downfall is the unnecessary family drama inserted into the story. It really serves no purpose and instead feels like a blanket attempt to connect viewers with the characters.

Give it a go if you’re looking for a bit of a passive watch, or simply don’t enjoy being can’t-sleep-tonight level scared. It was my favorite, but I don’t have enough dislike for it to mark it as “terrible”. Don’t Knock Twice is currently on Showtime On Demand.

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