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The Spooky Countdowns of Top5s

Coming across a gem of a YouTube channel is always fun. I don’t remember when I discovered this one, but I’ve been a fan since it was newly started. Top5s, run by a mysterious creator, is one of the best list channels being uploaded. With many housing some truly spooky and terrifying fictional tales, images, videos and true stories.


For the last four years, its creator has been regularly posting well-researched quality content. The only thing we know about him, is that he’s based in the United Kingdom, but otherwise his identity remains a mystery. His videos range from true stories of serial killers, to ghosts caught on camera, to tragic disasters. None of them fail to entertain, and often times educate, the viewer.

His videos have only continued to get better, with so much thought and respect put into each one. Over the month of October, videos stay on theme, with lots of ghost stories and creepy tales. There is truly no shortage of amazing content to keep you busy. And with over 2.8 million subscribers, his videos undoubtedly stick with a lot of people.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

As he would say, it’s time to “Hit those lights, Sit back, and Enjoy” a few of my favorites:

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