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Hear Some True Ghost Stories with HAUNTED

Netflix continues to drop more and more spooky, quality content this October. Their newest release Haunted is a bit different in format than the others, diving into reality this time. This 6-episode series has a group of people sitting down, as one shares their own experience with ghosts. Their narration is joined by reenactments that are truly creepy, and not at all cheesy. Think Unsolved Mysteries but with a darker twist.

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The first episode features Jason Hawkins, who as a young boy, was tormented by a woman hanging in a closet. He calls her the “Woman in White”. A classic ghostly tale of a woman who experienced extreme trauma before her death—sometimes murdering her own children—and now haunts the living. The story has been featured in the likes of Supernatural and an upcoming feature film.

His childhood is haunted by her as she visits him almost nightly, and continues to well into his teen years. As he dives into his experience with the ghost, he is surrounded by friends and family who react in horror to what he has been through.

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Haunted gives the audience a bit of a unique setup that makes the viewer connect to the person giving their story. While most shows like this have the subject talking to the camera, this breaks that mold by having them in a safe space with people they care about. It allows the viewer to sort of feel as though they are part of the roundtable too.

Additionally, the series has some incredible reenactments that are truly at the level of any horror film out there today. It’s perhaps what will set this series apart from others like it, as it doesn’t shy away from being truly terrifying.

You can catch Haunted currently on Netflix.

1 comment on “Hear Some True Ghost Stories with HAUNTED

  1. I don’t know how to contact Jason Hawkins….but this will help him. He needs to contact an energy healer that can do cord cuttings. He needs a cord cutting for the Woman in White and an energy healing with protection. If you can get this message to him it will help him get rid of the Woman in White. He should also do regular sage smudging of himself and his living space for further protection. He needs this.


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