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STOP! Disney is Hosting a 24-Hour HALLOWEENTOWN Marathon on YouTube

There are quite a few Halloween films that are classics to my generation. Films you simply can’t go throughout October without watching. Perhaps one of the most iconic ones is the 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown. A story about a young girl discovering her Grandmother is a witch, and that she too possesses the same magical capabilities. It’s an adorable family friendly film that transports the viewer to the most mesmerizing town where it’s Halloween everyday.


I think we all dreamed of visiting the fictional town full of monsters, ghouls and ghosts, and Benny, our favorite skeletal taxi driver. Although our dreams of riding that magical bus to the spooky city will stay as such, you can still spend you entire Halloween day (or start now) with Marnie and her family.

As Halloween approaches, Disney is hosting a 24-hour, nonstop marathon of all four Halloweentown films on YouTube. Although, let’s be real, the first two are the only ones that matter.

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