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EXTRA ORDINARY is a Cheeky Ghostly Romantic Comedy

What happens when a clairvoyant driving instructor takes on a demon-worshipping one-hit wonder? Hilarity, romance, and a lot of ectoplasm. This Irish comedy is a brilliant piece of work, honoring quite a few films that inspired it, but creating a story all its own. Extra Ordinary is such an enjoyable, inventive idea that will have you grinning and giggling the whole way through.


Rose (Maeve Higgins) is a kindhearted driving instructor, leading a simple life in her quaint home. Though, things aren’t as simple as they seem for her, as she possesses the gift of communicating with the dead. As a child, her father ran a successful business as a “ghost hunter”, with Rose right by his side. After tragedy struck her family, she decided to give up on her talents and create “Rose’s Driving School”, hiding from her past.

Although Rose will be pulled back into the paranormal when single father Martin (Barry Ward) seeks her out for help. As his teenage daughter has caught the eye of a washed-up singer (played by Will Forte) who has taken to the dark arts to revive his dead career. Rose is reluctant to help at first, but she takes a liking to Martin and becomes keen on helping him.


The charm of this movie begins with Higgins, who I just absolutely adored throughout. Her sweet, subtle humor left me smiling the entire time. She is every woman who has ever felt unseen but is extraordinary, if only you get to know her. Additionally, Forte brings his character’s wacky persona to life brilliantly and steals every scene.

As of now, Extra Ordinary does not have a wide US release, which is so unfortunate. I’m hoping the masses get to see this film soon because it’s truly one of those great comedic gems. It’s a partial love letter to some classic ghost adventures, but also something completely of its own. Check out the trailer below…

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