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I SEE YOU Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor

A family is plagued by strange occurrences inside their home while their town faces a tragedy of its own. What transpires is something you’d never expect, leaving your jaw permanently fixated to the floor. Directed by Adam Randall and written by Devon GrayeI See You is a completely unpredictable thriller — original, mind-numbing and totally twisted.

Jackie Harper (Helen Hunt) finds her family fractured after infidelity on her part. Her son Connor (Judah Lewis) resents her, and her detective husband Greg (Jon Tenney) has buried himself in his work.

Their community is reeling from the disappearance of a young boy, which is reminiscent of a decades-old case of the same nature. Greg is heading the case, and it’s left many wondering if they put the wrong man in jail or if a copycat is at play.

At home, each member of the Harper family begins to detect bizarre happenings inside. Jackie finds all their silverware missing, but blames a repairman for the theft, and Greg notices family photos disappearing. As things continue, both suspect their son, but he swears he knows nothing about it.

With so many mysteries surrounding her family, both professionally and personally, Jackie will fail to see exactly what has found its way in.

At the start, you expect this film to be a traditional thriller. It has a lot going on plot-wise, as both a family drama and a kidnapping plot. Slowly we are introduced to another aspect of the film, this sort of supernatural-esque mystery inside their home. With disappearing objects, strange sounds, and more. Is this family dealing with a ghost, or is their son acting out? This film is packed with so much, though it balances well.

Midway through the film, it takes an extreme turn, unlike anything you can imagine. It takes a perspective that isn’t even remotely teased in the plot summary, and something I hope is kept out of trailers to come. Tone shifts slightly, and momentum slows down, but it takes this film to a whole new level.

The third act is where this movie continues to shock and completely blow your mind. It’s insanely inventive, surprising and one of the best twists I’ve seen. Truly one of those exhilarating thrillers that doesn’t disappoint. It’s why it’s one of my Top 5’s from SXSW.

Side note: Owen Teague absolutely steals the show, delivering an incredible performance. I can’t give too much away about his character, as it gets into spoiler territory, but his trajectory is confusing and twisted in the best way.

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