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SUPERHOST Is a Nightmare of a Stay

As travel vloggers, Teddy (Osric Chau) and Claire (Sara Canning) book rental properties and review their stay in videos posted to their channel Superhost. On this trip, they book a house secluded in the mountains with a charismatic host named Rebecca (Grace Phipps). There’s something off about her as she oversteps boundaries, though seemingly harmless.

With their channel losing subscribers, Claire decides Rebecca is just what they need. So the plan changes to exposing her bizarre behavior for views. But as things begin to escalate, they’ll realize she may not be as harmless as they thought.

While some films that focus on “influencers” can be obnoxious with their gimmicks, Superhost balances the concept the right way. With a dual-camera approach, the film doesn’t rely solely on the vlog camera to give us perspective; instead, it’s mostly shot with a standard camera. The vlog bits are fun, as it exposes the fakeness that goes on behind-the-scenes of YouTuber’s.

Throughout the film is pretty over-the-top. It doesn’t hide the fact that something weird is going on, but it still makes for a fun journey, with some minor twists here and there. The third act picks things up in chaotic fashion and delivers an unexpected gore-filled turn that’s quite a time.

Superhost is available on Shudder


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