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JUST BEYOND Is a Modest Gateway Horror Series

A new horror anthology has arrived to offer frights to younger audiences just in time for Halloween. Based on the graphic novels by kid-horror icon R. L. Stine, Just Beyond consists of eight episodes that give us tales of aliens, ghosts, witches, and other spooky happenings that are fun for the entire family.

While the series certainly doesn’t have that same level of creepiness that Goosebumps did, it does the job of providing some great gateway horror for kids. As a comedy horror series, there’s a bit more sarcastic humor mixed in that can account for it being less scary. The episodes are easy to consume, with the last one really aiming to tug at the heartstrings.

Those of us who were lucky to have grown up with the great kid-friendly horror anthology’s of the 90s will find it to be a bit too demure, but the target demographic should have a great time with it — though I’d love to see the series push the limits next season.

Just Beyond is now streaming on Disney+


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