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CENSOR: A Visually-Stunning, Twisted Psychological Horror

Working on the British Board of Film Classification, Enid (Niamh Algar) consumes a lot of horrifying content. Though strict with her ratings, a horror director requests that she be the one to screen his movie. While watching, she notices details that resemble her sister Nina’s disappearance from when they were kids. Though her parents believe Nina is dead, Enid digs deeper into the director’s work, fearing her sister is alive and trapped within a dark industry.

Censor is a 2021 psychological horror film by Prano Bailey-Bond, her directorial debut. Set in the early 1980s, the film nails the look of the time with its set design and costuming, but also the cinematography and editing style. There’s a fantastic eery atmosphere added as well that makes for a beautiful aesthetic, while also creating a sense of unease throughout.

It’s a captivating film to watch, as it explores how obsession can lead you to unsavory places. And it’s able to accomplish so much within its compact runtime. Impressive visuals, an engaging story with a wonderful performance by Algar, and dark turns throughout, keeping you on edge. With a perfect build-up to its shocking end, it’s a film you’ll certainly need to digest once the credits roll.

Censor is available on Hulu


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