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A Standard Heist Gets a Ghostly Twist in THE VAULT

While a massive fire distracts authorities, a group of thieves hit a bank in hopes of scoring a big payday. While the hostages remain cooperative, there is something else in the bank that is less than happy with their presence. Starring James Franco, Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood, this 2017 heist film isn’t perfect, but has an interesting enough premise with some mild frights.


Three siblings attempt to rob a bank full of employees and customers. While their plan is perfect, even causing a massive fire down the street to distract police, they’re disappointed to find very little money in the bank vaults. When the assistant manager informs them that most of the money is in the basement vault, they shift their priority. What they don’t know is that the bank has a dark history. One that’s still lurking in the basement halls.


The Vault found itself having an extremely limited release last September, soon winding up on Netflix. It definitely has that feeling of an independent film, reminding me a little of Last Shift. However, I found its use of supernatural elements in a standard heist film to be interesting.

The ghosts in this film step away from a somewhat traditional ethereal appearance, and take on a terrifying realism that plays disturbing mind tricks on the thieves. This movie really has a lot of great elements of design and special effects, and it’s one of its strongest parts. Though the flashy camera tricks (think Thirteen Ghosts level) are a little obnoxious.


Even when the plot finds itself predictable at times, and not quite jump-out-of-your-seat horrifying, it’s still a solid thriller. The slight twist at the end is also one you may see coming, but doesn’t at all undermine itself. You can watch The Vault on Netflix.

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