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THE BELKO EXPERIMENT Will Leave You Wanting to Work From Home

Much like his sleeper hit Slither, James Gunn delivers another inventive, brutal horror film with The Belko Experiement. Taking place at a secluded corporation, every employee is out for themselves as they’re tasked to kill each other off one-by-one. It’s every bit of Gunn’s style, mixing gore with humor and delivering a compelling story with great characters.


Mike (John Gallagher Jr.) works for Belko Industries at a remote office in Colombia. His day begins almost like any other, chatting with his work buddies and sneaking smooches with his lady in his office. Though today there is an alarming increase in security at the facility, though with Colombia’s high crime, the employees brush it off as precaution.

Soon their day will take a horrifying turn, as a mysterious voice is heard over the intercom, instructing employees to begin killing their coworkers. First they must choose two to kill, or four will die at random. However, the game is only starting, as they’re told to kill more and more – seemingly until there’s only one left standing.


Though this film premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, it didn’t see a wider release until 2017, but went mostly under the radar. Written and produced by James Gunn, and directed by Australian filmmaker Greg McLean, the film is unique and intense from start to finish. The movie also stars familiar faces Tony Goldwyn, and frequent Gunn collaborators Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn (his brother).

It’s a tense film with incredible practical effects, that will surely leave you squirming at times. I love its inventive premise and its unpredictability. I would almost equate it to The Cabin in the Woods, although still entirely its own. You can catch The Belko Experiment on HBO On Demand.

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