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ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? Reboot Will Please 90s Fans & Usher In New Horror Kids

Submitted for the approval of 90s kids, I call this review… “The Tale of a Reboot Getting It Right”.

There are so many films and television series that nurtured my love and passion for spooky things. The most prominent was Are You Afraid of the Dark. I remember fondly, running inside to catch episodes after school… and then being scared for hours afterwards. But I loved it!

The series first aired on Nickelodeon in 1991, delivering frightening tales to kids for the remainder of the decade. A fixture for many, AYAotD never held back for its young audience, with many episodes still holding up as we aged into adulthood — “Dead Man’s Float” anyone?

The beloved show went off the air, just a few years after the Goosebumps series ended, leaving a big void in children’s horror anthology. While there have been some shows recently aiming to fill those shoes, the world really needed The Midnight Society in it once again. So enter this rebooted version, ready to share scary stories in the bask of a glowing campfire.

This incarnation will be comprised of three episodes and follows Rachel, the new girl, who joins classmates Akiko, Louise, Gavin, and Graham (ITs Jeremy Ray Taylor) as the new Midnight Society. For her initiation, Rachel tells the tale of the “Carnival of Doom”, which is anything but fun at the hands of the evil ringmaster Mr. Tophat (Rafael Casal). However, it seems her tale will take on a life of its own and thrust the kids into the twisted carnival world.

Despite a 19-year gap, this new series really stays true to the look and feel of the original. With the gloomy atmosphere and creepy tone, these three episodes are sure to please original fans. Some who can possibly even enjoy with their own kids now.

are-you-afraid-of-the-dark (1)

I really do hope they continue to make more episodes past this mini-series. Kids deserve to have these fond spooky memories, just as my generation did. I’m certainly excited to see more of Mr. Tophat, Casal’s unnerving villain.

The first episode airs October 11th, with the others following on October 18th and October 25th.

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