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The Chilling Horror Shorts of Midnight Video

As someone who made embarrassing amateur short horror films in middle school, I’ve always loved finding great, actually well-made, ones on YouTube. It’s incredible how YouTube can serve as such a great outlet for filmmakers to connect with audiences. Even serving as a place for some to catch their big break, like David F. Sandberg. His short Lights Out was uploaded to YouTube in December of 2013, and three years later, he directed the feature film version.


Earlier this year, I found a short while digging myself into a YouTube abyss, and was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly creeped out. The video was about a girl experiencing creepy events in her home, all while her friend watched via FaceTime. It didn’t matter that I watched it in the middle of the day, in an office full of people, and the sound at a very low level – it made me sink into my seat as every second passed and got me in the end regardless.

The channel is Midnight Video, made up of writing/directing duo Todd Spence and Zak White, along with an incredible team. It’s amazing the level of terror and suspense they can produce in just four to six minutes – it’s actually extremely impressive. Altogether they’ve created three videos, one that just happened to be uploaded this morning. So sit back, turn off your lights, and spend the next 15 minutes being creeped out by Midnight Video.

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