Reeling in newlywed bliss, a couple takes a secluded cabin for their honeymoon destination. What was supposed to be an intimate getaway soon turns into a horrifying series of events. Starring Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and Harry TreadawayHoneymoon is a twisted, unpredictable horror thriller that will leave you shocked in the end.


Newlyweds Bea and Paul travel to a cabin in the woods to celebrate their honeymoon. With lots of romantic activities planned, the two are excited to spend the solo, distraction-free time together. At first it’s nothing short of a typical honeymoon adventure, however a strange run in with another couple has the two a bit on edge.

One night, Paul awakes to find Bea missing from their bed. Frantically searching, he finds her naked in the woods, completely unaware of how she got there or what happened. Bea’s behavior gets increasingly more alarming, as she exhibits paranoia and strange fits. Paul does his best to uncover the truth as to what plagues his wife.


This 2014 film is a clever story, with great science fiction elements. It’s the perfect mild thriller that delivers in the end. It’ll definitely get you choosing a honeymoon in the city, versus a rural area. Maybe just avoiding a camping weekend altogether for awhile. You can find Honeymoon now streaming on Netfix.

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