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Fake Ghost-Hunters Meet Their Match in MALEVOLENT

A pair of siblings, along with two friends, perform fake paranormal investigations for easy cash. When they take a job at an old orphanage with a dark past, their fake investigation becomes increasingly more real. This Netflix original is the perfect film for an October night, with just the right amount of ghostly fun.


Angela and her brother Jackson have recently moved to the UK after the death of their mother. To make ends meet, they form a paranormal investigation group with their buddy Elliot and Jackson’s girlfriend Beth. They mainly take jobs to lessen the pain of clients who have recently lost someone, framing Angela as a psychic who can communicate with their loved ones.

When Angela begins hearing disembodied voices, she is scared to take on a job at an old orphanage that has a truly horrifying past. Years ago, a sadistic killer murdered the young girls that lived at the house. However, her brother convinces her it’s good money and worth taking. Once at the secluded estate, Angela and the others begin experiencing events and they will soon realize the terrors lurking inside the walls.


While the premise of Malevolent might not be all that different than other general haunted house films, it still pulls you in as a viewer. It builds wonderful tension throughout, even if the scares are often times easily anticipated. The movie doesn’t overdo it, keeping it simple and making great use of its setting. And leaves the audience with a very bittersweet cliffhanger.

It’s definitely a worthy flick to stream this October and easy one to add to your list.  If you’re in the mood for a more mild supernatural thriller, I’d recommend Malevolent.

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