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LIGHTS OUT Will Make You Afraid Of The Dark

There have been movies that played with Nyctophobia, a severe fear of the dark, but I haven’t seen one that truly terrified me as much as Lights Out. Based on a 2013 short film by director David F. Sandberg, the film follows a creature that only thrives in the dark. And after watching it, you’ll definitely want a flashlight by your bed.


With her stepfather’s passing, a young woman named Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) reluctantly reconnects with her estranged mother (Maria Bello) after her younger brother expresses concern. He can’t sleep as something is lurking around in the night. Something his mother seems to be speaking to. Knowing her mother’s history, Rebecca dismisses it as severe depression. But soon, she discovers there’s something truly evil that’s attached itself to her family.

The film wastes no time getting straight to the scares as we get introduced to the creature; in a scene that pays tribute to the original short. There’s something so terrifying about the simple silhouette. The film does that often, playing with various lights and shadows. As much as you try to prepare yourself for all the scares, you never fully are. I was so pleased with how unpredictable the film was, even playing with some classic horror ideas and twisting them.


There is a bit of humor mixed in, which is always great in the midst of all the terror, but it doesn’t dilute the frights. I also appreciate that the original creator was in the director’s chair, so he could fully see his vision through. While the creature is slightly different than the short, both are equally terrifying. If you’re looking for a great original, exciting horror film, turn off the lights and watch Lights Out.

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