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31 Days of Halloween (2022)

The most wonderfully spooky time of the year is here, which means it’s time for my 31 Days of Halloween!

I did decide to give myself a small break. As you can imagine, writing 31 reviews is a lot, so some reviews featured might be older ones I’ve published on my site, maybe one you missed previously. But there will also be plenty of new ones sprinkled throughout the month, so fear not!

Make sure to check back every day for a new review starting tomorrow. And follow me over on Instagram, so you never miss a post 🎃


Day 1 | My Spooky October Watch List
Day 2 | THE WRETCHED Wastes Its Witchy Monster Potential
Day 3 | Lupita Nyong’o Is Horror’s Golden Girl in LITTLE MONSTERS
Day 4 | HELLRAISER (2022) Ushers in a New Vision for Pinhead
Day 5 | SMILE Will Leave You Grinning in Fear
Day 6 | WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: The MCU’s Creature Feature
Day 7 | DANIEL ISN’T REAL Uses Horror to Examine Mental Health
Day 8 | RELIC Is A Haunting Metaphor For Family Heartbreak
Day 9 |  Apartment Hunting Is a Nightmare in 1BR
Day 10 | WEREWOLVES WITHIN: A Wonderful Lycanthrope Whodunit
Day 11 | VILLAINS Is Wicked Fun
Day 12 | Join THE MIDNIGHT CLUB for Frightful Tales
Day 14 | HALLOWEEN ENDS Stumbles (A Lot) Towards an Epic Finale
Day 15 | THE NIGHT HOUSE: An Expertly Crafted Haunt
Day 16 | CRIMSON PEAK Is a Gothic Horror Masterpiece
Day 17 | THE CURSE OF BRIDGE HOLLOW Is a Gateway Horror Treat
Day 18 | THE NIGHT Delivers Solid Psychological Frights
Day 19 | Atmospheric OFFSEASON Is An Aquatic Horror Delight
Day 20 | UMMA Is A Bland Haunt
Day 21 | LIGHTS OUT Will Make You Afraid Of The Dark
Day 22 | BODIES BODIES BODIES Serves Zillennials On A Slasher Platter
Day 23 | THE LODGE Will Unnerve You
Day 24 | THE BLACK PHONE Review
Day 25 | BARBARIAN Reveals a Unique Rental Nightmare
Day 26 | COUNTDOWN Is a Fright-less Rehash
Day 27 | UPGRADE Is a Gory, Fun Sci-Fi Thriller
Day 28 | THE VIGIL Review
Day 29 – 31 | My Horror Picks 

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