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My Spooky October Watch List

Happy October to all you ghouls! I’ve toyed with the idea of sharing my go-to list of movies for spooky season, but truthfully, it’s tricky. I kick things off on September 1st, and there’s a very, very long list of films that I typically watch. But I’ve tried my best to compile a list that should serve you well this Halloween.


[R] 1978 ‧ Horror/Thriller

You don’t mess with a classic. The 1978 John Carpenter slasher maintains its status as the Halloween film. Every aspect of the film is iconic, from scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, to Michael Myers, to the score, to the kills — literally everything.

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

Hocus Pocus

[PG] 1993 ‧ Fantasy/Horror

Again, it’s a classic that can’t be touched. Admittedly, I’ll watch Hocus Pocus about two or three times throughout September and October. Time will tell if its sequel gets added to my Halloween rotation, but this film will always have my heart bewitched.

Where To Watch: Disney+

Trick R Treat

[R] 2007 ‧ Horror/Thriller

It wouldn’t be October without me preaching about this movie. Trick R Treat is, without exaggeration, my favorite Halloween film of all time. I’ve gushed about this film and its adorable villain/antihero before, but this year is extra special. For the first time, the film will be showing in major theaters. You can get your tickets here!

Where To Watch: VOD & In Theaters

Halloweentown & Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

1998 & 2001 ‧ Family/Fantasy

Halloweentown is another childhood favorite that is still required viewing every year, including its not-as-great-but-still-okay sequel Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge. It’s just that type of film that brings back those nostalgic feelings, which I’m a big fan of.

Where To Watch: Disney+

Idle Hands

[R] 1999 ‧ Horror/Comedy

Speaking of nostalgia, this stoner horror-comedy is pure 90s whiplash. Its script is juvenile, and its plot is ridiculous, but there’s something so endearing about the whole thing. But honestly, the film’s special effects hold up, and it has plenty of fun, memorable moments.

Where To Watch: VOD


[PG-13] 2010 ‧ Horror/Thriller

I vividly remember the first time I watched Insidious, a film full of genuinely effective scares. While the sequels aren’t on a consistent rotation for me, I often revisit this first installment during spooky season, most to admire how inventive all the frights are.

Where To Watch: Netflix

The Nightmare Before Christmas

[PG] 1993 ‧ Fantasy/Musical

The age-old question: Halloween movie or Christmas movie? For me, it’s both! That’s why I save this macabre masterpiece for October 31st as my way of transitioning between the two seasons so perfectly.

Where To Watch: Disney+

Some other honorable mentions and go-to’s for me are the Scream franchise, the Underworld franchise, The Cabin in the Woods, Corpse Bride, Crimson Peak, Beetlejuice, and The Shining.

That’s where I’ll end this list, but you can find many more film recommendations in some of my past articles articles linked below.


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  1. The Cabin in the Woods is one of those special movies for me (The Usual Suspects is another) in that the journey is enthralling and what transpires is compelling and tightly constructed but the way it all comes together and wraps up in the end is what makes the experience that much more satisfying. Get Out is probably another in recent years. Bradley Whitford!

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