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BODIES BODIES BODIES Serves Zillennials On A Slasher Platter

Isolated in a mansion during a storm, a group of friends has their weekend shook when an innocent party game turns deadly. Directed by Halina ReijnBodies Bodies Bodies is a snarky black comedy with a clever script that expertly blends its slasher murder mystery edge.

With a storm looming, Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) brings her new girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to meet her childhood friends during a hurricane party at David’s (Pete Davidson) family estate. While Bee comes from a lower-class family, Sophie is from an affluent one, as are all her friends, including Alice (Rachel Sennott), Emma (Chase Sui Wonders), and Jordan (Myha’la Herrold).

Unlike the others, Sophie has recently gotten clean after a rehab stint. Her past addictions have soured the relationship with her old pals—and Bee can sense the tension among them. But the weekend gets on, even as the weather takes a turn and emotions heighten.

They decide to entertain themselves with a game of “Bodies Bodies Bodies”, a sort of whodunnit in the dark. When David gets sarcastic and moody toward Alice’s peculiar older boyfriend Greg (Lee Pace), the fictitious game ends just as a more deadly version begins.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a quippy modern slasher that will keep you guessing through its final moments of hijinks. A hyper-self-aware meta-horror filled with ample humor, thanks to a wonderful script written by Sarah DeLappe that’s snarky towards Millennials and Gen Z’ers alike.

While it’s smart and funny, it doesn’t overdo the comedy in a way that feels like a mockery or too heavily satire, almost like a subtle humorist approach that naturally pokes fun at the absurdity of what the hell is going on.

Characters are almost a caricature and an overzealous version of the modern young adult. It jeers at the culture and current internet climate, though it’s not in a mean-spirited way. And for their part, the entire cast is incredible in their respective roles, nailing their obnoxious personas scene after scene.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is not so much a full-on slasher, even though there is plenty of bloody sights. That makes it a great gateway or transitional horror film for fans looking for mild frights. Its biggest strengths are its cast and ultra-fun script, and its unique balance of humor and horror lends itself to an oddball twist that delivers an amusing conclusion.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is in theaters on August 12

1 comment on “BODIES BODIES BODIES Serves Zillennials On A Slasher Platter

  1. I thought all of the good parts were in the trailer. The movie as a whole didn’t work for me.

    The contention between the characters stemming from the traits and tropes of that particular generation didn’t land for me, which included the contrived tension and the attempts at getting laughs in certain moments because pivotal scenes supposedly mirrored how people behave these days in the real world toward one another. And Maria Bakalova’s character was a drag to be joined at the hip with throughout. I kept waiting for something revealing and lively about her that would make it all worthwhile, something that was to never come I’d find out.

    I thought the movie was one of those b-movies that had potential but ultimately I found that I was hanging in to see how it would all play out because I was already invested at that point, not because it was well done. I found the film to be a long way to drive to find out that the diner is closed. I place it on the unremarkable and easily forgettable shelf where so many movies reside. Oh well.


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