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WEREWOLVES WITHIN: A Wonderful Lycanthrope Whodunit

New to a small town, a park ranger struggles to maintain a sense of order as the townspeople lose their minds over a series of attacks. Adapted from a virtual reality video game of the same name, Werewolves Within is a smart, satirical, and all around fantastic time, serving viewers a wild whodunit with a lycanthrope twist.

Forest ranger and all-around ultra nice guy Finn (Sam Richardson) takes up a new post in the quaint town of Beaverfield. Upon arriving, he quickly catches up on the current battle between locals, who are fighting for and against a proposed gas pipeline.

After several disappearances, a snowstorm traps Finn at the local inn with some of the charismatic townspeople; wealthy transplants Devon (Cheyenne Jackson) and Joaquim (Harvey Guillén), troublemakers Marcus (George Basil) and Gwen (Sarah Burns), and peculiar couple Pete (Michael Chernus) and Trisha (Michaela Watkins), among a few others. The mixture of personalities flame theories and panic begins to set in.

Fear builds as they believe werewolves are among them. So it’s up to Finn and quirky postwoman Cecily (Milana Vayntrub), to keep things calm while they sort out exactly what’s going on.

Directed by Josh Ruben, with a screenplay by Mishna Wolff, Werewolves Within is such an engaging story with a wacky premise. It’s so cleverly written with ample amounts of natural humor, making it so endearing throughout. The film is supported by a humorous cast with the ‘whodunit’ aspect allowing the various dynamics to really shine.

But the film really rides on the shoulders of our leading man, Sam Richardson, who is a true delight. He has effortless comedic delivery and wonderfully shapes such a sweet character. You can’t help but fall in love with him.

Werewolves Within never ceases to keep you entertained and laughing the whole way through. It’s the perfect cocktail of horror and comedy, and one that I’m very excited to recommend. With a wickedly fun story, great pacing, and a standout cast, it’s easily one of my favorites this year.

Werewolves Within is available On Demand now

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