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Apartment Hunting Is a Nightmare in 1BR

Newly arrived in LA, Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom) attends an open house at a modest yet idyllic apartment complex. After getting accepted, she quickly moves in and meets the other residents. They are all incredibly friendly, and she even has a handsome and helpful neighbor next door.

But when banging pipes within the walls keep her up at night, she becomes exhausted. Expressing her frustration and lack of confidence in her lofty career goals to her only friend, a new colleague at her temp job, Sarah feels ready to give up. However, there are horrors beyond her comprehension, ready to be exposed.

1BR is quite an unassuming horror thriller that alludes to a possible home invasion story but divulges something much different. Written and directed by David Marmor, it’s an unpredictable ride with a script that keeps you held onto every minute. Much of the horror lies within real-life fears, but it’s even more frightening in its final scene.

Though I enjoyed the film overall, there is a bit of clunkiness to the story setup at the beginning. It would have served the film well to have had a longer build-up before jumping into what transpires in the second act. Some of the tension in the first act dissipates immediately, since so much is revealed so quickly.

But regardless, 1BR is a slow burn with a great payoff in an intense and satisfying third act — and an impressive debut for Marmor. It feels slightly reminiscent of The Invitation in the best way, so if you’re a fan of that film, you’ll enjoy this.


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