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Horror Film Reviews | The Awakening – Haunter – Visions

My weekends are typically used for finding slightly obscure new films on Netflix. Here are three quick synopsis and reviews for The AwakeningHaunter, and Visions.

The Awakening (2011)


The British film follows Florence (Rebecca Hall) who makes her rounds debunking ghostly hoaxes in 1921 England. She is hired by Robert (Dominic West) to investigate a reported ghost haunting at the boarding school he teaches at. There have been sightings and photographic evidence of a young ghost boy, but Florence is determined to prove it’s anything but supernatural.

Overall I really enjoyed the film. There are quite a few familiar faces in it, all of whom did a great job. The plot and twist are both great, however there is one scene towards the end with Joseph Mawle that seemed very unnecessary. I hate to say a single scene could ruin a film, so for me it didn’t, but it was something they should have left out.

Haunter (2013)


This independent film is about a teenager named Lisa (Abigail Breslin) who realizes that she is dead along with her parents and younger brother, all who are stuck in a house repeating the day. She is the only one who seems to understand that they are ghosts and she spends the repetitive days trying to piece together her families death as well as others who were killed in the same house.

A haunted house movie from the ghosts POV is very different and intriguing at first. It’s definitely for a younger teenage audience, so I wouldn’t say adults would get the same fun out of it. It’s also very slow. Where Groundhog Day used it’s same-day-repeats well, this film seems to drag on the actual resolution.

Visions (2015)


A pregnant woman and her husband move to a home with a vineyard. She immediately begins to experience strange things in the home that her husband can’t see or hear. After a string of nightmares and violent attacks she tries to figure out who or what is haunting her.

While the film stars some pretty well-known actors (Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons, Eva Longoria) it is slightly cheesy and poorly acted in some places. However, the twist at the end is unexpected and fun as you piece it together.

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