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THE DEEP HOUSE: An Aquatic House of Haunts

An adventurous couple seeking a location for their next vlog will discover their extraordinary find comes with underwater haunts. Written and directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, The Deep House is a unique aquatic supernatural horror that offers a great twist on a typical haunted house story, even if it doesn’t serve up immense frights.

Traveling through Europe to find haunted locations to film for their YouTube channel, Ben (James Jagger) and Tina (Camille Rowe) end up at a lake that supposedly has a fully intact house beneath. Discovering it to be a tourist hotspot, a local man named Pierre offers to take them to a better dive location.

At the more isolated lakeside, they begin their descent and after a short time, they find exactly what they are looking for. Both are surprised to see a fairly preserved house, even though it’s been underwater for over 30 years.

When their equipment begins to bug out, alongside some other unnerving happenings, Tina expresses her concerns though Ben pushes back, as this is sure to garner them tons of views. But as their exploration continues, uncovering more disturbing things, they’ll realize they’ve ventured into a house that has preserved much more than furniture and mementos.

The Deep House offers something different with its submerged setting and gives us a slightly refreshing take on a found footage horror film. While switching between the characters’ POV and standard cinematography, the concept feels seamless and less like a gimmick and more as an aide to the story.

It slightly ties into the popular trend of urban exploration with a subtle context present on how content creators have an unending desire for views, perhaps ignoring warning signs and teetering on ethics, to get that perfect shot.

It’s impressive what they were able to accomplish with filming underwater and it certainly gives a different level of pressure and claustrophobia to the plot, with a rather amazing set design making for an intriguing sunken labyrinth.

It steadily builds a soft level of tension, though that’s where its weakness lies. It begins to coast a bit in the second act, not offering an intensely impactful scene when it needs it most. When the stakes do get higher in the third act, as panic sets in for our protagonists, it somewhat amps up making for a decent thrill, even if it’s not perfect the whole way through.

The Deep House is currently streaming on Hulu

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