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Scary Movies I Can’t Wait For This Year

I’m that person who is ready for Halloween the second we’re in September. I can’t help it. Leaves are falling. Air is cooling. Stores start stocking pumpkin flavored goodies. My body and soul is ready for the month of October and scary movies. I’ve seen a few interesting trailers recently, and while some aren’t coming out in time for the spooky season, I can’t wait.

I actually had an early screening to Cooties but sadly wasn’t able to make it. This horror/comedy movie stars some pretty hilarious and charming actors which is an easy draw. Pair that with an R rating and the promise to be gory and gross. You can’t go wrong.

This film has excited me ever since casting was announced. I’m a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston and am really interested to see him in a dark film. Guillermo del Toro doesn’t fail when it comes to his signature style, and the mystery as to what’s going on in this house is making me all the more eager to see this.

The Final Girls, not to be confused with the upcoming film Final Girl, has an interesting premise. A group of moviegoers find themselves inside a horror film, much like Friday the 13th. The film sort of reminds me of Scream, mixing meta and humor for a glorious take on the genre. This has the ability to be stupid, but I’m curious to find that out first hand.

While not really a Halloween ready scary movie, this Christmas horror disaster movie looks absolutely amazing. Another possible comedy/horror mashup, which seems to be a very reoccurring theme as of late. Krampus is about the very anti-Claus that devours children, and perhaps adults in this film. I especially love what appears to be toys coming alive, much like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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