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THE NIGHT OF: HBO’s New Captivating Murder Mystery Series

The late James Gandolfini filmed a pilot in 2013. A BBC series remake that tells the gruesome story of murder and racism in New York City. Then he suddenly passed away. The project was shelved. Until his close friend John Turturro decided to takeover his role and produce the drama for HBO. A captivating series that will have you hooked within minutes.


Naz (Riz Ahmed) is a soft spoken young Pakistani-American living in New York City. One night he takes his fathers cab for a drive to a party. After getting lost, a young woman, Andrea (Sofia Black D’Elia), enters the cab thinking he’s on duty. He decides to drive her anyways. She’s offbeat, but intriguing. They end up at her place where she convinces him to partake in drug use and some strange knife play. He accidentally stabs her hand, but she seems unfazed by it. More so, it turns her on and the two have what would seemingly be an average one-night stand.

The passionate scene then cuts suddenly to Naz, passed out in the kitchen. He wakes up in a daze and realizes it’s getting late. He goes upstairs to get dressed in her room and says his goodbye. After no response he flips on the light. To his horror the young woman has been butchered, her blood everywhere.

In a panic, he runs from the apartment and to the parked cab. Making missteps along the way that set him up to be the perfect suspect. After being pulled over for a traffic stop, the police slowly discover he is their killer. However, he has no memory of what happened. So did he do it or did someone else?


The Night Of is undeniably addictive. It draws you in instantly with its mystery and you begin to dissect every small detail along the way. Superb acting. Beautiful cinematography. This limited-series will surely go down as one of HBO’s best. Take a peak at the trailer below and check out the first episode On Demand right now.

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