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6 Big Moments In THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale (Spoilers)

“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life”, so says Negan, who proves it won’t be an easy one for those in Alexandria. The season seven premiere of The Walking Dead left many fans emotionally traumatized after the deaths of beloved characters Abraham and Glenn. Over the span of these 16-episodes, we’ve watched as our group coped with their deaths and worked to exact revenge. All that culminated in last nights finale, where Rick and his crew, along with The Scavengers, readied for battle. In an intense showdown, here are some key moments leading us into season eight, this October.

Spoilers Ahead

The Scavengers betray Rick


The bizarre gang of trash-pile kids proved untrustworthy as they instantly turned on Rick after Negan arrived. Jadis and her crew were about deals, and it seemed Negan had a better one for them. After Rosita’s explosive trap fails to detonate, The Scavengers turned their guns towards the people of Alexandria, exposing their treason.

Losing one group of allies was quite a blow, going into season eight, especially one so large and stealthy. We can only hope Oceanside decides to join the fight with Rick.

Dwight isn’t tricking the group

It became apparent that Dwight’s loyalty to Negan was out of survival, especially for his ex-wife. After she decided to escape The Saviors compound, there was nothing left for him. When Dwight approaches Rick to offer his help, understandably the group isn’t ready to trust him. And when he fails to warn them of the ambush, it’s possible they were right.

But just as the dust settles, Daryl finds a small carved figurine that has “didn’t know” written on the back. It looks like they at least have Dwight still in their corner, however his lack of knowledge regarding the ambush may show that Negan is beginning to suspect his allegiance.

Eugene might not be “Negan”


Eugene’s loyalty to Rick and the rest of the group has been concerning. His turn to Negan’s side was swift, exclaiming “I am Negan”, albeit probably to keep himself safe. However, last night proved his guilt might be overwhelming as it’s apparent the impending death of his friends is hard to bare. Also, his assistance to Sasha and sneaking her the suicide pill perhaps showcases the small ways he desires to take on Negan.

Sasha went out how she wanted


Aside from Maggie, Sasha has been the person to lose the most in this world. First her brother Tyreese, then both her boyfriends, Bob and Abraham. While opening up to Rosita, she made it clear she was ready to go, but in her own way. Just as Abraham would have wanted for himself, but instead had it stolen by Negan. After getting the pill from Eugene, a zombie Sasha emerged from the coffin Negan had her in and was thisclose to biting him. Perhaps the only time viewers of the show were rooting for a zombie.

The Kingdom and The Colony aren’t hiding anymore

It’s no longer a secret. The Kingdom and The Hilltop Colony are allies with Alexandria. As Negan was moments away from taking out poor Carl to punish Rick for his betrayal, King Ezekiel unleashed Shiva on The Saviors. The rest of The Kingdom followed suit, guns blazing. Not far behind were Maggie, Jesus and some others from The Hilltop. Shiva gets a few snacks in and the three groups succeed in driving out Negan and his gang.


The Saviors ready for war… as does Rick

With allies exposed and Rick’s motives very clear, we see Negan gather his impressive group together for one last pep talk. Meanwhile, Rick and Maggie, along with King Ezekiel, gather their men and women to stress the importance of the impending fight. Making it very apparent that season eight will be an all out war.


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  2. Seen all the spoilers for this season on Twitter, but havent watched it heh. Shame about Sasha. I quite liked her.


    • Sasha was a great character, but she went out the best way possible. Sonequa Martin-Green is moving onto the new Star Trek series. So keep a look out for that!


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