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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to begin frantically shopping for those on your list. It can really be overwhelming at times, especially if you hope to find something unique and original for your family and friends. Well, if you’re on the hunt for the film/tv buff in your life, here are some ideas to bring joy to them this holiday season. Some of these items I own and can attest to their amazingness, and others I just have swooned over for far too long.


1. Gremlins Gizmo Puppet Prop from Trick or Treat Studios – $79.99

I was gifted this Gizmo last Christmas and he’s stayed out all year long. It’s such an amazing replica and has fulfilled my childhood dream of owning my own Mogwai.

2. “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” poster from Jellykoe – $25

Jellykoe is an artist I came across at a convention in Chicago several years ago and immediately gravitated towards their booth. There are so many incredibly creative pieces for various film/tv icons… it’s really hard to pick just one! I’ve had this piece hanging up in my place for a few years now and it’s the one that’s complimented the most.

3. The Hotel Sweater from Middle of Beyond – $79.99

As a giant Gremlins fan, I own this sweater by Middle of Beyond. I debated purchasing it for a few years, because it’s a little pricier, however it’s so well made and cozy that it’s totally worth it! I love this Overlook Hotel sweater, and with the recent release of Doctor Sleep, this is the perfect time to buy this for a Shining fan in your life.

4. Now Playing: A Seek-and-Find Book for Film Buffs on Amazon – $12.99

I spotted this book in a local shop in Chicago and have definitely had it on my mind since. It’s such an adorable coffee table book, that doubles as an entertaining game for any cinephile.

5. The Coven Signature Candle Set by Bijou Candles – $99

Bless the Instagram explore page for leading me to this woman-owned business creating amazing candles based on your three favorite witches – Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Sabrina, and Hermione. This is on my Christmas wish list for sure! You can also buy each candle individually for just $29.

6. Högsmæde Travel Poster by Window Shop Gal – $18.50

This adorable Harry Potter inspired print is a great gift idea for a wizard-obsessed friend. I love the unique, vintage design of it – almost like you’d find hanging in Diagon Alley. The shop even has plenty of posters based on various movies and shows to choose from.

7. Loungefly Stranger Things Camp Know Where Camper Mug on BoxLunch – $16.90 $11.83

Is there anyone who isn’t a fan of Stranger Things? This cute mug makes for such an easy gift, and by shopping with BoxLunch, you’re supporting a company that donates meals to those in need!

8. Friends Trivia Quiz Card Game on Urban Outfitters – $7

Sometimes you just need a great little stocking stuffer, and this Friends trivia game does the trick! Especially with the series recently celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, this is a perfect gift for Friends-fanatic.

9. Beetlejuice Never Trust the Living Crewneck BoxLunch Exclusive – $44.90 $31.43

Another Boxlunch find, this Beetlejuice shirt is literally to die for! Cringeworthy pun… check! Luckily, this is currently on sale and sure to please the ghoul in your life.

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