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A QUIET PLACE PART II Thrills Were Worth the Wait

Picking up where we left off, A Quiet Place Part II sees Evelyn Abbot (Emily Blunt) and her children seeking help, while battling against the vicious creatures who’ve taken over their world. Director and writer John Krasinski again delivers something truly breathtaking—in the literal sense—as you are gripped by what transpires, while also sinking into the silence. It’s one of those films that is a must-see in the theater, and it was definitely worth the wait.

With their farm now devastated, Evelyn (Blunt) and her children, including her newborn infant, venture out in search of a new home and hopefully safety. Although they’ve discovered the creatures weakness—the high frequency sound of daughter Regan’s (Millicent Simmonds) hearing aid—there are still dangers lurking out in the open.

When they reconnect with an old friend (Cillian Murphy), Regan sets her sights on finding a better place with other survivors. But with all of them having lost so much already, the journey seems uncertain in providing the salvation they need.

A Quiet Place Part II spares no time diving back into things, giving us a heart-pounding opening sequence. It’s the perfect way to reintroduce us back into what the first film offered, while giving us a brief look at the beginning of the invasion. While this action-packed part gets you on the edge of your seat, it doesn’t settle from there.

Much like A Quiet Place, the film creates tension while holding onto that dread throughout, even amping up the suspense this time around. The film plays up moments of silence for the viewers discomfort, which makes it even more fun and exhilarating to see in a theater with an audience. But these moments of silence are also beautifully utilized in emotional scenes. The fight for survival that these characters are facing, while also needing to pause to mourn what they’ve lost.

As a single mother now, faced with extreme circumstances, Blunt takes her role to new heights, giving an even more heartfelt, and heartbreaking, performance than before. This extends to both Simmonds and Noah Jupe as well, who tackle the heavier scenes wonderfully.

The addition of Murphy and Djimon Hounsou to the cast was a great way to expand the story further, as we’re able to understand more about the world and its state through their perspectives. Though I will say one was a bit underutilized in the end.

Premiering well over a year after its intended release date, A Quiet Place Part II kept us waiting for the theaters, but it was necessary to experience it to its full effect. While never intended to be a multi-film franchise, this set of films are certainly among my favorites and I’d happily welcome a third, if Krasinski’s on board.

A Quiet Place Part II is in theaters now

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