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A disturbed young boy, desperate to grow up, acts out his fantasy in the most unsettling way — trapping his parents and older sister in the bottom of an abandoned bunker. John and the Hole has an interesting premise that feels like it doesn’t quite reach its full potential, despite a few nice qualities.

Directed by Pascual Sisto, with a screenplay by Nicolás Giacobone, the film has some lovely cinematic moments and a very frightening concept. It creates a cold atmosphere that is important to sell the tone of the film. Though I crave more than nicely set up shots.

Throughout there are some pacing issues. As a thriller, the film never quite reaches where it needs to go in order to impact the viewer. It often feels sluggish and as though it’s on the brink of delivering something monumental, but it never does.

The moments between Jennifer Ehle, Michael C. Hall, and Taissa Farmiga are more gripping and effective than the rest of the film. And they’re stuck in a hole.

With some bothersome plot points (a family friend discovers something is wrong, but literally nothing comes from it) and a slightly unsatisfying ending, John and the Hole isn’t the psychological thriller it thinks it is. Check it out for the performances if you must, but don’t expect a fulfilling experience.

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