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31 Days of Halloween (2021)

It’s that time of year again… 31 Days of Halloween is back! You know I can’t pass up a chance to stress myself out and write reviews for the entire month, so here we are. But seriously, this is my favorite time of year, and I’m excited to give you some spooky film recommendations, with a series or two thrown in. So make sure to check back every day for a new review — or follow me over on Instagram to never miss a post. See you tomorrow 🎃


Day 1 | “Welcome to the Blumhouse” BLACK AS NIGHT & BINGO HELL Review
Day 2 | Mike Flanagan Crafts Another Gripping Tale with MIDNIGHT MASS
Day 3 | GRETEL & HANSEL Gives Stunning Visuals but Fails Otherwise
Day 4 | THE FINAL GIRLS: A Comedic Homage to Classic Slashers
Day 5 | SEANCE: An All Too Familiar Prep School Haunt
Day 6 | FREAKY: A Perfectly Blended Horror-Comedy
Day 7 | THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT Ends the Series on a Low Note
Day 8 | “Welcome to the Blumhouse” MADRES & THE MANOR Review
Day 9 | SERVANT: A Gripping Psychological Mystery
Day 10 | Based on a True (Horror) Story
Day 11 | Predictable Invasion-Thriller INTRUSION Still Holds Some Intrigue
Day 12 | Get Your Experimental Horror Fix With Haunted HAUSU contributor
Day 13 | THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE Is a Bland Teen Slasher
Day 14 | HALLOWEEN KILLS Is More Brutal, Albeit Hollow
Day 15 | SUPERHOST Is a Nightmare of a Stay
Day 16 | WELLINGTON PARANORMAL Is Effortless in Its Spooky Charm
Day 17 | ’90s Dark Comedies I Love
Day 18 | THE INVITATION: A Slow-Burn With a Horrifying Twist
Day 19 | Marriage Is a Drag in TILL DEATH
Day 20 | NIGHT TEETH: A Dull Vampiric Mob Tale
Day 21 | Thriller Film Reviews | The GiftStonehearst AsylumThe Guilty
Day 22 | HUSH Is Still One of the Best Invasion Horrors
Day 23 | JUST BEYOND Is a Modest Gateway Horror Series
Day 24 | CENSOR: A Visually-Stunning, Twisted Psychological Horror
Day 25 | THE RITUAL Houses Unexpected Horrors & Beautiful Storytelling
Day 26 | Horror Film Reviews | Come TrueThe Boy Behind the DoorThe Empty Man
Day 27 | HYPNOTIC: A Rather Sluggish Thriller
Day 28 | THE OTHER LAMB Explores Abuse Within Cults
Day 29 | ANTLERS: Thick with Allegory, Lacking in Monsters contributor
Day 30 | My Favorite Halloween TV Episodes & Spooky Specials
Day 31 | 2021 Horror Movie Round-Up

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