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Mike Flanagan Crafts Another Gripping Tale with MIDNIGHT MASS

While I mainly cover films throughout my  31 Days of Halloween, there are always some spooky shows that need their moment too. So welcome to “Series Saturday’s”! Every weekend I’ll highlight a mystery/horror/thriller series that I find binge-worthy and creepy. And we’re kicking things off with one that’s guaranteed to become one of your favorites.

From the mind of The Haunting of Hill House (and Bly Manor) creator Mike FlanaganMidnight Mass is a horror-limited series about a small island plagued with disturbing events; starring a few familiar faces like Kate SiegelRahul Kohli, and Henry Thomas. And just like his previous releases, he proves he’s here to tell complex stories through a horror lens that offers style, frights, and emotion.

Just released from a four-year prison stint, Riley (Zach Gilford) returns to his hometown, a quaint and isolated island called Crockett. He struggles to get reacquainted with life while continuing to process the accident that led to his incarceration. And how it’s affected his loved ones.

As a passionate Christian community, the importance of church is palpable, though Riley begrudgingly attends at the request of his parents. Surprisingly, a new priest named Father Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater) has arrived, taking over while the elderly Monsignor Pruitt recovers from an unknown ailment on the mainland.

But with his arrival comes unexplainable events and sightings that begin to trouble the townspeople. Something that they’ll all struggle to reckon with.

Midnight Mass grips you tight with an enigmatic story, as Flanagan has once again created something so captivating and original. He manages to craft an atmosphere uniquely his own, so it feels reminiscent of The Haunting, yet this is very much a new beast. It’s expert storytelling and the best part is, you’ll never guess where it’s going.

There are incredible performances, beautiful moments, and heartbreaking turns. It’s a series that you’ll be aching to power through but one that will also leave you with lasting thoughts.

Midnight Mass is now streaming on Netflix


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