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SEANCE: An All Too Familiar Prep School Haunt

After snagging a spot at the elite Edelvine Academy, new girl Camille learns of the tragic death of the previous student. As she struggles to fit in, some popular girls invite her to perform a ritual, calling to the spirit that supposedly haunts the school. But they perhaps unleash something else.

Written and directed by Simon Barrett, Seance has a familiar premise, though it attempts to set itself apart. Unfortunately, not much stands out from the rest. While Barrett has written some great films like You’re Next and The Guest, this film contains too many tropes and predictable scares, preventing it from reaching that same level of originality.

It stumbles bringing all the pieces of its mystery together, producing a very convoluted third act. It simply has too much going on without fully developing and melding everything together.

You won’t necessarily regret watching Seance, but it’s certainly one that will disappear into the sea of haunted prep school films. Star Suki Waterhouse does a decent job with her character, who holds her own as an empowered final girl. But sadly, in the end, the reveal is far too bland, and the story overall is just not satisfying.

Seance is available on Shudder


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