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With someone killing off teens in a small Nebraskan town, not before exposing their darkest secrets, a group of friends will have to unmask the killer before it’s their turn. Based on a 2017 novel of the same name, There’s Someone Inside Your House is a pretty routine slasher flick with some fun gags, but it fails to add anything new while stumbling with its twist.

The beginning of the film has an intriguing setup, perhaps a little inspired by Scream. It honestly was the direction I thought this film would go. The sort of killer-in-the-house that the title alludes to. However, it quickly melts into a formulaic teen horror that’s been done so many times before.

While films like Happy Death Day add their unique flair to the subgenre, this film fails to do so and is quite bland because of it. At least you could rely on some interesting characters and while the actors do a decent job, their on-screen personas are cold. And even though some feel fully developed, there are few redeeming qualities to care that a villain is attacking them.

To give it some credit, there are some solid, inventive kills and engaging moments surrounding each. I also found the mask concept (a 3D printed version of the victim’s face) to be a great touch. But overall the film is tiresome, with a killer whose motive is just silly. There are far better slasher films that are worth your time than this.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is available on Netflix


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