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2021 Horror Movie Round-Up

Happy Halloween! And welcome to the final day of 31 Days of Halloween. If you’re not all caught up, you can find the full list here. Hopefully, by now you’ve found a film or two to watch tonight to celebrate this glorious day. But in case you’re still looking, here are a few recommendations for my favorite horror movies from this year.

The Fear Street Trilogy

If you have yet to check out The Fear Street Trilogy, now’s your time! Based on R. L. Stine‘s book series of the same name, the three films follow a group of teens trying to put an end to a deadly town curse. Despite being targeted towards a younger demographic, the movies are perfect for any horror fan, as they highlight so many great aspects of the genre.

Directed by Leigh Janiak, you’ll find major inspiration being pulled from slasher classics Scream and Friday the 13th. Each film takes place during a different year, culminating in one anthology experience that is entertaining, scary, and bloody good.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Werewolves Within

Full Review: WEREWOLVES WITHIN: A Wonderful Lycanthrope Whodunit

New to a small town, a park ranger struggles to maintain a sense of order as the townspeople lose their minds over a series of attacks. Adapted from a virtual reality video game of the same name, Werewolves Within is a smart, satirical, and all-around fantastic time, serving viewers a wild whodunit with a lycanthrope twist.

Directed by Josh Ruben, with a screenplay by Mishna WolffWerewolves Within is such an engaging story with a wacky premise. It’s so cleverly written with ample amounts of natural humor, making it so endearing throughout. The film is supported by a humorous cast with the ‘whodunit’ aspect allowing the various dynamics to really shine.

Where to Watch: Rental

A Quiet Place Part II

Full Review: A QUIET PLACE PART II Thrills Were Worth the Wait

Picking up where we left off, A Quiet Place Part II sees Evelyn Abbot (Emily Blunt) and her children seeking help, while battling against the vicious creatures who’ve taken over their world. Director and writer John Krasinski again delivers something truly breathtaking—in the literal sense—as you are gripped by what transpires, while also sinking into the silence. It’s one of those films that is a must-see in the theater, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Where to Watch: Prime Video


Malignant is perhaps what you’d call a polarizing movie. You’ll either love it for its self-aware camp or hate it for its over-the-top antics. Directed by James Wan and written by Akela Cooper, the film follows Madison (Annabelle Wallis) who after being attacked by an intruder, is plagued with visions of others being murdered, and is horrified to discover the killings really happened.

The film is Wan in his element, almost like a mad scientist living out every bizarre dream he’s had. It’s a gore-filled ride that takes wild turns throughout, which made it one of my favorites this year.

Where to Watch: rental

The Night House

Full Review: THE NIGHT HOUSE: An Expertly Crafted Haunt

When her husband suddenly passes away, a woman isolates herself inside their lake house while she deals with his loss — and a disturbing presence. Starring Rebecca HallThe Night House poses as a haunting metaphor for grief alongside horrors that go beyond the expected. Directed by David Bruckner, the film is an intense psychological horror that tells a story so captivating and unpredictable — it’s easily one of the best this year.

Where to Watch: rental

Jakob’s Wife

The wife of a small-town minister, Anne (Barbara Crampton) has become bored and unfulfilled in her life. But when a powerful vampire turns her into a blood-thirsty fiend herself, she’ll find a new sense of empowerment.

Directed by Travis Stevens Jakob’s Wife is a humorous vamp tale that has a lot of bite and great effects. The best part is Crampton and how the story focuses on the perspective of her character as an older, bored housewife. Who typically aren’t at the forefront of the genre in this type of role.

Where to Watch: Shudder


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