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HYPNOTIC: A Rather Sluggish Thriller

Seeking a new form of therapy, Jenn begins to see a charming hypnotherapist named Dr. Collin Meade. After a series of mysterious circumstances—with Jenn misremembering events—she becomes alarmed that her new therapist has a dangerous hold on her and his other patients.

Starring Kate Siegel, Dulé Hill, and Jason O’Mara, Hypnotic is Netflix’s latest thriller that unfortunately does little to thrill. While the concept is super intriguing and the trailer left much to be desired, the film fails to hit the mark with driving suspense. And it doesn’t help that it, unfortunately, has some rather dull performances throughout.

It attempts to be complex and a bit cerebral, but it falls quite flat. Everything is laid out on the table pretty quickly, so there’s no element of surprise, and becomes predictable. And since it doesn’t build up enough tension in the first half, you’re just left with a sluggish story altogether. There are a few moments that almost revived it, but in the end, Hypnotic feels tiresome.


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