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Predictable Invasion-Thriller INTRUSION Still Holds Some Intrigue

Tired of their hectic city life, a couple relocates to a more secluded area into their dream home. But their hopes for a more peaceful life are upended when they experience a violent break-in. Starring Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green, Intrusion is a recent Netflix original thriller that suffers from a painfully predictable plot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a decent time with it.

After recovering from a recent health crisis, Meera (Pinto) and her husband Henry (Marshall-Green) realized they were ready to trade busy Boston for a more low-key life. As an accomplished architect, Henry builds the most beautiful home for them in a small desert town. Not long after settling into their new life, they are victims of a brutal robbery that sees Henry shooting the assailants in self-defense.

Understandably shaken by the incident, Meera begins to grow suspicious over the reasoning behind the attack. As she starts to dig into their identities, her fears mount as she believes Henry knows more than he’s letting on.

Sadly, expect very little mystery with Intrusion, as it makes things too obvious. It does have good pacing and sets up Henry and Meera’s relationship dynamic in an organic way. While not wildly suspenseful, it does have its moments, which can make up for its disappointing “twist”. You won’t be disappointed you watched it, but it’s certainly not as smart as it could be.

Intrusion is available now on Netflix


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